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Innovative material and Molding Technology Summit Forum on June, 2013

The participants involved in the activity are famous specialists in the industry, as well as the manufacturers of raw materials, the general managers of compounding materials and equipment suppliers, technical directors, technical managers, product managers, purchasing managers, design managers, project managers, senior technicians, and senior experts from research institutions and the associations, etc., which have a great influence in the industry. The application technology and the market development of compounding materials for new energy automotives in the future are mainly discussed in the activity. New production line is needed for the production of new energy automotives. As a lot of experts relevant to new energy automotives come to the activity, it is the best opportunity to display technology and search for solutions, as well as to establish business relationship in the industry, which can accumulate good networking for entering automotive market in the future. In addition of which, material pavilion itself, as a part of SAIC, also helps to recommend into the sight of SAIC. The meaning of participating in the activity is: firstly, to alert to the development of compounding materials, making the plan for the market development of automotive industry; secondly, to promote their own production technology in the activity, helping to solve technical problems raised by the material enterprises; thirdly, to make more companies know about their future, getting the automotive enterprises to have a more profound understanding of their own company; fourthly, to give directions to the industry as a pioneer in the fierce competitive market; fifthly, to establish good relationship and communication with the new energy department of SAIC.