• Modified Plastics

    We provide all kinds of Flame retardant PP、PE、PS、ABS; Modified PP、PE、PS、ABS; Automobile special materials; Electrostatic plastic; Conductive plastics; and reinforced PP、PA, etc.......

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    Functional masterbatch

    The functional materbatch of our company use the auxiliary imported from the well-known company. We provide the most kinds of the functional materbatch, which is small in additive proportion, significant in effect and good in persistence......

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  • Applications

    Our products are widely used in the fields of automotives, industrial suppliers, electrical appliances, cosmetic, entertainment and plastic building materials, etc. ......

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Our company was established in December in 2002, which is a professional manufacturer in researching and developing masterbatch and engineering plastics. We are mainly engaged in the production and R&D of masterbatch, engineering plastics and modified dye granulation that are required by the high- end industries such as automobile, electronic appliances, cosmetics and packing, etc. Now we have good business cooperation with Volkswagen, GM, BMW, Chery, Mercedes Benz, BYD and Pentium etc. and also provide products and services for food, packing, electronic appliances, film, building materials, toys, cosmetics and other industries. All raw materials are used high quality imported products to ensure the high quality and stability of the products of the company. We offer all kinds of material of the masterbatch products, functional masterbatch, engineering plastics, and modified staining granulation material etc. We have the color masterbatch and engineering plastics based on PA6, ABS, PP, PC, PBT, POM, elastomer and alloy material for automobile products, and those based on HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, EVA, PS, PET, PC, etc. for other kinds of materials. Also, we can manufacture the engineering plastics and masterbatch products in compliance with the international health standard or FDA according to your requirements.