• Modified Plastics

    We provide all kinds of Flame retardant PP、PE、PS、ABS; Modified PP、PE、PS、ABS; Automobile special materials; Electrostatic plastic; Conductive plastics; and reinforced PP、PA, etc.......

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  • Functional masterbatch

    The functional materbatch of our company use the auxiliary imported from the well-known company. We provide the most kinds of the functional materbatch, which is small in additive proportion, significant in effect and good in persistence......

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  • Applications

    Our products are widely used in the fields of automotives, industrial suppliers, electrical appliances, cosmetic, entertainment and plastic building materials, etc. ......

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Zhejiang Meibo functional material Co., Ltd. that is fully invested by our company is formally put into production, which marks that we officially enter the field of inorganic nanomaterials. Once the product comes into the market, it is favored by many customers immediately. In order to pursue for a better development, pool ideas and information, and ensure benefit maximization of our production capacity, we are now especially looking for cooperation development from the community.


If you have materials need to nanocrystallized but limited to too high cost or mass production; or the ordinary micron grade materials cannot meet your need of improving the performance of your products; or the imported nanomaterials are too expensive for you and you hope localization, don't hesitate to come to our company who can offer you customized solutions!


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Nanometer titanium dioxide 1010
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Nano silver
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