• Modified Plastics

    We provide all kinds of Flame retardant PP、PE、PS、ABS; Modified PP、PE、PS、ABS; Automobile special materials; Electrostatic plastic; Conductive plastics; and reinforced PP、PA, etc.......

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  • Functional masterbatch

    The functional materbatch of our company use the auxiliary imported from the well-known company. We provide the most kinds of the functional materbatch, which is small in additive proportion, significant in effect and good in persistence......

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  • Applications

    Our products are widely used in the fields of automotives, industrial suppliers, electrical appliances, cosmetic, entertainment and plastic building materials, etc. ......

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Our CEO was interviewed by the editor of HC Wetsite

Recently, the editor of HC Website interviewed Mr. Dai Chengzhang, the CEO of Shanghai Yucheng Canxing Plastic Material Co., Ltd., talking about the development of the future market and the requirements of high-performance materials, who gave a high recognition to our total strength.

The concept of environmental protection development goes into R&D production

In the era of rapid economic development, the constraint of the natural factors such as natural resources and environmental capacity is still one of the major challenges of the future development. It is clearly indicated in the report to the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China that: “We must treasure nature more consciously, protect the ecosystem more actively, and strive to usher in a new era of socialist ecological progress.” Implement the policy, which makes the whole economy industrial chain of China change continuously in development mode, and accelerate the development of low carbon environmental protection. Shanghai Yucheng Canxing company quickly follows the policy, putting the concept of environmental protection deeply into the corporate culture and the daily R&D production, as well as making great efforts into the R&D of environmental protection products, which raises the competitiveness of the products.

To grasp the market dynamics and follow the market trend

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s quality of life, as well as the increase of self- protection awareness, “Health” and “Security” become the two main concerns for the modern people. The environmental plastic material, compared with the traditional material, is favored by the modern people pursuing healthy and fashionable life because of its harmless to human and recycling, etc. In the future, the market of environmental protection will keep fast growth and steady development.

It is reported that recently, Shanghai Yucheng Canxing Company are talking for cooperation with the well-known Korean company, which will have a further grasp of the international market in the future.

Awarded the Top Ten Engineering Plastic Enterprise by HC Website

In the 7th top ten awards of plastic industry of HC website in 2013, Shanghai Yucheng Canxing Company was honorably mentioned as the top ten engineering plastic enterprise. As a professional award in domestic plastic industry, it is also an affirmation to Shanghai Yucheng Canxing in the engineering plastic industry.