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    We provide all kinds of Flame retardant PP、PE、PS、ABS; Modified PP、PE、PS、ABS; Automobile special materials; Electrostatic plastic; Conductive plastics; and reinforced PP、PA, etc.......

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    The functional materbatch of our company use the auxiliary imported from the well-known company. We provide the most kinds of the functional materbatch, which is small in additive proportion, significant in effect and good in persistence......

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    Our products are widely used in the fields of automotives, industrial suppliers, electrical appliances, cosmetic, entertainment and plastic building materials, etc. ......

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Warmly celebrate that Yucheng Canxing successfully applied for "high tech enterprise"

Yucheng Canxing has attached great importance to technological innovation since its inception, The technical innovation has been as the important content in the company development plan. According to the market situation, The important development ideas of product structure transformation which the traditional product manufacturing will be transformed to production of high-tech and high value-added products have been put forward.the traditional product manufacturing process to the production of high-tech and high value-added products direction key development train of thought. On the basis of the development of traditional industries, increasing research investment, researching new products and new technology.


In 2014,the company passed the national high-tech enterprise certification, which is fruitful results of the company commiting to new products and new technology research. Since the product structure adjustment was put forward, the company has increased investment in science and technology research, Being led by company's leadership, the R & D center team innovation, forge ahead, and achieved fruitful results.The company continued to expand the plant and facilities.


From 2010 to 2013, the company has 15 research projects in the field of technology, including 6 utility model patents, 9 invention patents.The 15 projects has 10 programs of transformation of scientific and technological achievements,and 10 of these projects have been transformed into scientific and technological achievements. These new technologies of scientific and technological transformation achievements implementation of an objective to economic and social benefits, and also provides the opportunity for the company in terms of product structure adjustment. On the premise of much work had been done, the company began to declare high-tech enterprises for optimizing management and making the company's technology research to a higher level. By the joint efforts of company employees, improving management and enterprise research ability, our company successfully passed the examination and approval of high and new technology enterprise, and was awarded the "high-tech enterprise certificate" in October 2011. The successful application of high-tech enterprises is a milestone in the development of our company, marking the company's R & D capability embarked on a new level. Shanghai Yucheng Canxing will taks it as an opportunity,seizing the new opportunity, Market oriented, innovation as the fundamental. Gradually occupy the dominant position in the field of enterprise penetration, striving toward the mission that to Make China traditional industry companies leading in the world.